1.Application Area:

Laboratories,computer rooms,measuring rooms,library,archives rooms.offices,instrument rooms,hospitals,banks,hotels,basement,materials and equipment,clothing,food and crops,warehouses,grain and oil products,tobacco products,printing products,electronic equipment,communications equipement,and so on.


2.Air-condition with general demand of humidity control.

Special for rooms' relative humidity less than 50% or air-condition system with large new air.Such as electronics factory optical disc production lines,computer room and guest houses ,etc.


3.Products on the air humidity, temperature and cleanliness have comprehensive requirements in systemsprojects

Rotor dehumidifier is suitable for systems engineering with comprehensive requirements on humidity, temperature, cleanliness.When machines work on relative humidity between 10% to 40%, refrigeration dehumidification is combined into a constant temperature and humidity rotary purification unit, and can be very stable or flexible to change in accordance to temperature and humidity in room and adjust the temperature and humidity of conditioning system , meanwhile conserve energy. In particular, used in the pharmaceutical, explosives, food, candy, milk powder, laminated glass, printing products and other moisture-sensitive products manufactured by workshop and warehouse.


With development of high-tech, the production level of modern civilization is promoted. For a number of sophisticated products, the production environment is effective protection to ensure zero-defect products, Such as humidity requirements on workshop of lithium batteries, lithium timber processing are at 1-2% RH in order to meet production. Conventional dehumidifier absolutely can't do that , and Gaozhen wheel-type units can easily get low dew point air.